Custom Cutting

Please fill out our custom cutting form below and we will respond to your request as soon as we can. Alternatively, click on the links below to download and print our physical forms.

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General Information


Choose Your Cutting
Hock Preference
The lower part of the legs. Many people use these for making soup.
Ham Preference
This is the hind leg. We recommend cutting roasts from the end of the ham as the ends are bony and do not make good steaks.
Pork Loin Preference
Most consumers prefer all the bone-in pork chops that they can get.
Belly Preference
This is where bacon is made.
Shoulder Preference
These roasts would commonly be used for pulled pork.

- We give everyone the spare ribs -

Shank Preference

Rounds - There are 4 parts to the hind leg. Steaks from this portion may be used as London Broil and the roasts would be boneless netted oven roasts. Pick one cut from each of the 4 parts. The parts of the round are listed in descending order of tenderness.

Top Round Preference
Sirloin Tip Preference
Eye of Round Preference
Bottom Round and Rump Preference

Please specify how thick you would like your chops and/or steaks.
Weight in Pounds
Please specify how many pounds you would like your roasts.


Sausage Style
Select up to a maximum of four options.
Please be as specific as possible.
Loin Preference
Short Loin Preference
Rib Preference
Chuck Preference
Short Ribs
Stew Beef

Weight in Pounds
4oz Ground Beef Patties
Please be as specific as possible.
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